The trusted excavators for your next project in Otago

For all earthmoving requirements you need to ensure you are in the absolute best hands possible. That's where KJ Mac Contracting can step in. The first choice earthmoving contractor in Otago for all residential requirements, he truly believes no job is too big or small. He has the excavators, machinery and experience to get the job done and provides all types of cartage and free advice. So call Kevin to get started today.

Products and services

As the one-stop earthmoving contractor for all residential projects in Otago, you can expect complete service relating to:
• Excavators
• Contractors, if required
• Root raking
• Post hole boring
• Retaining walls
• Farm work
• Driveways
• House demolition and site clearance
• House fittings
• Drainage
• Laser levelling
• And much more

Locally owned and operated

When dealing with Kevin you can rest assured you will be working directly with him, the owner-operator, throughout every aspect of the job, from beginning to end. As an earthmoving contractor he can come to you throughout Otago, offering the machinery, personal service and guaranteed workmanship your project needs.


Operating trucks from motor scrappers and loaders to drill ridges, excavators and dozers in the earthmoving industry for more than two decades, Kevin has managed drill and blasting programs in mines and was a superintendent at the Anglo coal mine in Queensland. He also holds an A grade managers certificate for quarries. Kevin has established an outstanding reputation as an earthmoving contractor throughout Otago, since first opening the business in 2005. Call Kevin for excavators and much more today.
One of our excavators in Otago
Earthmoving machine
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